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Hanging Floral Wall Borders In 5 Easy Steps

A floral wall border can be a beautiful accent piece to a room.  It can really draw a room together to produce unity and balance.  A floral wall border can also create disunity in a room.  To be sure that you create your desired result when using a floral wall border, carefully plan the room considering all the furniture and accents.

  • Be sure the theme and colors used in your decor match or compliment each other.  Wallpaper is very hard to remove will definitely require a lot of additional work to do so. Make sure you love the different colors, textures, and styles before beginning.  One way to manage this process is to use a poster board.  By gluing a piece of your floral wall border with samples of pictures of additional items to be used in the room, you can then see on a small scale if the items will work together or if there are any potential problems.
  • Look at your existing room and make changes to the room color, fabrics, bedspread, or accessories before hanging floral wall border, so you can easily find a border that will match the room.  Although, if you have chosen the wall border before painting the walls, for example, take a small piece of the wall border to the paint store.  Having a sample increases your ability to match the paint color exactly.
  • Decide where you would like to hang the floral wall border.  Carefully measure and mark around the room the distance to the ceiling from the bottom of the border.  You can then use thumbtacks or a staple gun to temporarily install a portion of the border and achieve a sense of perspective.  That way you can make any adjustments as necessary without damaging the walls.

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  • Measure the length of each wall where the border will be hung then cut the wallpaper to fit that measurement.  Carefully follow the directions on the wall border’s packaging.  Some borders have an adhesive sticker on the back of the paper itself.  In that case you simply have to remove the back and place on the wall.  Then smooth any bubbles to create a smooth look.  Other types have dried wallpaper glue on the back of the paper.  You may have to wrap the wallpaper with the glue on the outside.  After a predetermined period of time has passed, you may have to fold like an accordion with the glue touching between folds.  You would wait for a predetermined period of time for the glue to cure.  Place the wallpaper on the wall, fold by fold, carefully watching the measurement markings you recorded earlier.  Then smooth to eliminate bubbles and allow drying.  Be very careful to follow the directions on the packaging precisely.  If you do not follow the instructions step by step, the glue may not adhere correctly.
  • Use thin moldings, ribbons, or other materials to customize your floral wall border look.  Use material that is the same color as your walls to blend the border and wall.  Use a complimentary color to bring the space together.  Use contrasting colors to frame the floral wall border and break up the space.