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Creating A Cowboy Home Decor Space

The country western design style is very popular in the United States. It is based on the life of the American cowboy; the rancher and farmer, traveling cross-country with his herd. It is built around the natural surroundings of wood and stone and enhanced with the products of ranch and farming life, such as a cowboy hat and boots, western stars, and branding irons. By incorporating a few special pieces, you can create a stylish cowboy home decor space in your home.  Here are 6 great ideas for creating your cowboy decor space:

  1. Wood paneling, ledges and moldings They are very prevalent in the cowboy home design. The cowboy style is defined by the cowboy’s life on the range. At that time, cowboys built log cabins on a ranch. So it is common to see exposed beams on the walls, ceilings, moldings and ledges.
  2. Natural stone or bricks During the western expansion and cowboy time periods, ranchers would use natural materials, such as river rock or natural stone for flooring, around fireplaces and in bathrooms. Incorporating these elements in your home further strengthens your cowboy home decor design.
  3. Wooden furniture Cowboy furniture frequently has exposed wood. Many times the fabric used on cushions display country scenery and may be durable and rough in texture to add to the country home decor feel. Antique wooden furniture works especially well in the country home decor style. The antique wooden style compliments the style and age of the country style. If you look carefully, you may be able to find a piece of antique furniture from the western expansion period of the United States.
  4. Cowhide prints and textures A cowhide rug or throw instantly adds a touch of the west to every room. Leather and suede are also common elements for a cowboy theme. Consider these textures when selecting furniture or accent pieces.
  5. Southwestern colors and patterns The southwestern colors of white and green with terracotta and other earth tones, support other pieces in your cowboy home decor theme. Add green to your floor; add stencils to the floor and walls according to the southwestern style. Rugs and wall hangings are also available in the cowboy style. Select one neutral color and choose accent pieces around that one color.
  6. Country accessories – Accessories such as horseshoes, barbed wire, branding irons, stars, cowboy hats, and horse or animal decor can rapidly create a country theme and finish the room. Look for accent pieces featuring these stylistic ingredients to create a relaxing room fit for any cowboy.

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