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Hallway Carpet Runners

A carpet runner is traditionally a long, thin carpet piece that is laid over the floor in a hallway. The carpet runner is designed to add beauty to a high traffic area. It is used for several reasons.  Hallway carpet runners are used to protect the flooring from damage and to provide a safe environment.  Runners also provide flexibility and adaptability as well as function. Today’s marketplace offers a wide variety of options for hallway carpet runners, including several new shapes and designs for carpet runners and the ability to purchase a customized hallway runner fitted to your home.

Hallway carpet runners protect existing floors from damage and wear and tear.  By providing a covering for the floor, the carpet absorbs any thing that is spilled on it before the floors are irreparably damaged.  If liquid were to get below a wood floor, the floor could not only become stained but also create a lift where a ridge results and the floor must be repaired.  A carpet runner also protects the floor from these spills.  In addition, the floor is protected from scratches and damage.  The carpet absorbs all abuse and the floor remains intact and undamaged.  Place a hallway carpet runner in your hallway to protect this high traffic area.

Another benefit of using hallway carpet runners is that it increases safety in your home.  Carpet provides additional traction on tile and wood floors.  Carpet tape can secure the carpet runner to the floor safely.  Because the carpet would be firmly attached, the highly trafficked hallway area will be a safer environment and prevent slips and falls in your home.

Hallway carpet runners also provide flexibility, as well as function.  Hallway carpet runners are a fairly inexpensive addition to any home.  They are available in different sizes, colors, and styles, as well as being available in different materials.  Hallway carpet runners are now available in circles and squares.  If you have an odd shaped room that has additional needs, such as with two intersecting hallways, custom rug designers can create a customized hallway carpet runner for your space.

With all of the advances in technology and luxury in the home, hallway carpet runners can be a beautiful addition to the home that adds style, provide the floors with a layer of protection, provide safety for the inhabitants, and provide flexibility to allow for changes in your carpet needs and carpet design.…